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Fit For Social helps customers promote their products or services on social media by showing up regularly. Staff is working remotely and the business is growing. Ian engaged Poehlmann Consulting  to set up processes, templates and a cloud filing structure. The business now presents a uniform look towards customers, staff is clear on processes and everybody can access files through the cloud server.

Ian Mountford - Founder Fit For Social

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Field Energy Services (FES) provides high voltage electrical installation services. Our company is growing and we are looking at employing additional staff. As the business owner I realise that I cannot look after all the business administration by myself anymore. 

FES has utilised Poehlmann Consulting since 2014 to review contracts, highlight commercial risks and support the customer negotiations and has now extended this engagement to include business management support. 

Anja is working with us on a regular basis, looking after HR topics relating to new staff, payroll, accounts, dealings with supplier and customers, insurance requirements and setting up processes to accommodate the growing business. 

Poehlmann Consulting provides the part time support FES needs to be able to grow and to be profitable.

Dino Melosi - Owner Field Energy Services

After being referred to us over six years ago, our business has used Anja's services for six years now and we will continue to do so in the future. Our main purpose of engaging Anja has been to review supply contracts to identify potential risks to our business. With the shift in liability being pushed to suppliers, contracts are becoming more detailed and onerous to review. With Anja identifying these risks for us, it has given us the confidence to negotiate and then enter into agreements with a level of risk we are comfortable with. Anja's work has always been professional and performed within time expectations.

Paul Young - Managing Director

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